There are numerous reasons why you may want to explore custom design - lets talk about it!

1) You're getting exactly what you want

When purchasing traditional jewelry, you're limited on finding exactly what you want. Sometimes the only control you have over the design is the size. However, with custom design, you have so much more control and freedom over the design process and you're working with an expert to produce exactly what you envision. 

2) Give a gift they don't have yet 

There's nothing more memorable and sentimental than a piece made from love. Surprise the person in mind with a one of one piece that could never be replicated. 

3) Quality 

Now, you have the ability to create a piece using high quality metals and high quality stones. Traditional jewelry often times is mass produced which unfortunately can result in lower quality materials being used. 

4) Pick your budget

While spending time with our in-house designer, you'll have the luxury of setting your budget in advance. We'll work on designing a piece that fits in your budget while exceeding your expectations. 

5) One on one customer service

Our in-house designer will work and communicate with you personally to address your needs and answer questions along the way. We are excited to work with you on your design and cannot wait to be involved in creating a piece you'll cherish forever!